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Monday, May 21, 2012

FINALLY! Mexico Part 2 (The story of awkward mom)


I truly hope this story is actually weird to anyone other than myself. I feel like I've waited so long to share it that it doesn't even matter anymore, but oh well, here goes...

Before we left for Mexico, I told Dylan that she absolutely had to find a friend on day one of the trip. When Dylan doesn't have a friend on vacations, she is a total pain in the ass. When she does have a friend? A total delight. (translation: she lets me sit on my ass reading without demanding that I entertain her).

To her credit, she totally followed my direction. Within 15 minutes of our first day at the pool, she had introduced herself to a girl her age, and voila - instant BFF for the week. Dylan and Lauren did everything together. They wore matching black sun hats, they went swimming, they drank a gajillion Miami Vices (non-alcoholic strawberry daquiri mixed with pina colada) and they chilled out in the hot tub. They also did what all tween girly girls do - they giggled a LOT.

So, one afternoon, Lauren headed into town, and Dylan was forced to hang out with us on the chaise lounges (see above photo). Shortly after she settled down, one of the other vacationing moms at the hotel came over to her and asked if she had been in the hot tub earlier. At this point, Michael and I had our radar up, as it's kind of disconcerting for another adult to address your child in your presence without even acknowleding said child's parents. Dylan responded that she had indeed been in the hot tub earlier. The mom then proceeded to lecture Dylie for being mean to her kids! Apparently, her kids had told her that two girls in black hats were making fun of them in the hot tub, saying that they were ugly, etc. etc.

Now, I know my kid. Had my SON told me she was mean? I would have totally believed it. But would Dylan ever be hurtful to someone who wasn't a family member? NEVER. That's just not her. She is one of the most empathetic people I have ever met (adults included), and is super sensitive to bullying of all kinds. 

Michael told the mom as such (I was sitting in stunned silence with my mouth hanging open), explaining that our kid would never behave that way, and telling her that it must be some sort of misunderstanding. The mom responding by turning to Dylan (again, not to us), and saying, "Well, if you did do it, you know that it's wrong to do that right?" and then she left. The three of us were totally shocked and kind of weirded out by the entire interaction.

Flash forward to 10 minutes later. The same mom approaches us again. And once again, she goes straight to Dylan. This time, it's with an apology. Apparently, her kids MADE THE WHOLE THING UP. My guess is that they were intimidated by two cute girls giggling in the hot tub and assumed that the girls were giggling about them. The mom also apologized to us. It was super, super awkward.

For the rest of the week, I did my best to avoid the mom. I was on vacation. Awkward encounters had no place on my vacation.

Well, then we show up at the airport. And guess who is at our gate? Awkward mom. 

Dylan was horrified, and asked me if I thought the family lived near us in Chicago. I told her they could easily be flying to Chicago to transfer somewhere else. And then in one of my snottiest moments ever (and I apologize in advance to those this offends), I said, "and even if they do live in Chicago, I am QUITE SURE they live in the suburbs." (I know, I know).

Later that day, we land at O'Hare, and I have to run to the customs bathroom so that Dylan can continue her food poisoning vomit fest (it was fun!). Guess who walks into the bathroom? Awkward mom. It was getting to be ridiculous.

A week or two after our vacation, I took Dylan to our local skating rink for the dress rehearsal of the ice show. The rink is the only indoor public rink in the city and is located about a mile and a half from our house. I get her skates on and put her on the ice, and I get ready to leave the rink. And who do you suppose I see? FRICKIN' AWKWARD MOM IS AT OUR RINK.

Now, to her credit, she called me over, apologized again for everything, and told me that it was one of the more horrifying moments of her life. We ended up chatting for about 10 minutes (she was actually kind of nice), and things ended on an OK note. Turns out, her kids go to the school just north of ours (NOT in the suburbs), and we know a ton of people in common. 

And that is the final saga in our Mexico trip. Weird, right?


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