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Thursday, January 26, 2012

So... I Had a Bad Day

I went to the Alt Summit last week. (which was amazing - we sold the sponsorships, so they are a client, but while I admit to a bias, I can truly tell you that this is a GREAT, GREAT conference). But, the point of this post is not to tell you about the Alt Summit. The point is to set the stage for the story of my no good, horrible, bad day.

At the conference, I shared a room with Catherine, who is a very excellent roommate. We share rooms quite often at conferences, and I really treasure the time together (I sound like a sap, but I do!). We have great conversations. One of our conversations was about PMS. I explained to Catherine that while it might sound anti-feminist, I truly do think it is challenging to own/run/manage a business while in the throes of PMS.

Yesterday, I lived this.

The day started at 1:40 am. This might be TMI, but nearly every month, I get a nose bleed when I get my period. Yesterday's nose bleed occured at 1:40 am. I felt it coming, somehow and managed to grab a tissue and get into the bathroom. The nose bleed was epic. Like.... Do you watch House? It was like the nose bleeds that patients get on House, just after the doctors THINK they know what's wrong, but really they don't, and the patient's nose starts gushing massive amounts of blood everywhere just to underscore that fact.

So, it's 1:40 am, and I am leaning over the toilet with blood just pouring out of my nose. I finally managed to stem the flow and get back to bed.

I officially woke up for the day at 6am, but faced a malfunctioning house alarm and a flat tire before 8am. This is when I lost my shit. I was trying to get the kids to school, Michael was traveling, the alarm was beeping, my tire was flat, and the kids kept forgetting stuff in the house (a backpack! a trumpet!).

BUT. I am a mom in charge of two kids. I own a business that needs 150% of me. After a two minute crying jag (witnessed by Dylan - sigh), I pulled it together and carried on. 

These bad days can happen to anyone at anytime, right? Why oh why do they always coincide with PMS? And can we just acknowledged how frickin' hard it is to pull it all together to carry on? All I wanted to do yesterday was curl up in bed and feel sorry for myself. 

Thankfully, today is another day, and thankfully flat tires and malfunctioning alarms are easy fixes.


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