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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

A Foodmomiac Family Dinner Confession

So... family dinner is really important to me. COOKING a family dinner is really important to me.

And, I have a confession. I am a huge, giant, ridiculous food snob when it comes to cooking the aforementioned family dinner. It has to be from scratch. It has to be amazing. Blah blah blah.

And you know what? My food snobbery/OCD approach to family dinner doesn't always make sense when you are the owner of a start up that requires every iota of energy that isn't already devoted to your family. And this leads to unnecessary dinners out and take out which is wasting stupid amounts of money.

I'm trying to get over my stubborness and buy some ingredients (aka pre-made stuff) that will make dinner a little easier.

This week I made:

- roast chicken with salad and some pre-made mashed potatoes (OMG, just typing that made me visibly cringe).

- tacos (though I didn't do the pre-made seasoning, b/c it is just as easy to toss in chili powder and a touch of flour)

Right now I have chicken soup on the stove, but I DIDN'T MAKE HOMEMADE DUMPLINGS. Yes, my poor kids (and brother) are eating chicken soup with bagged egg noodles and I think they will survive.

Go ahead, tell me what a crazy snob I am.



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