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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Thanksgiving: The Day Before, 2011

This year things will be pretty mellow in the household for Thanksgiving. We had originally planned to go to NY to celebrate with my dad, but my brother is living with us now (as I've mentioned), and he has to work both tonight and Friday, so we wanted to stay here with him.

Anyway, it will be just the five of us as well as our old au pair Vivi and two of her friends (Vivi is now living with another family in Chicago, but they are traveling). Despite a total guest list of eight, I am cooking enough for 20. I'm not sure if this is denial or psychosis, but I just love making Thanksgiving dinner, and scaling back is no fun at all. I am legendary for being a total beast about letting people cook with me. The only one who is typically allowed in my kitchen is my sister-in-law Megen, but since she'll be home in Kentucky, I have made the decision to let Dylan help me. She is now officially 10 years old, and that seems like a good age to start learning Thanksgiving meal prep, no?

On tap for pre-prep today is:

  • make chopped liver
  • cut bread up so it gets dried out for stuffing
  • make stock for gravy (we bbq our turkey, so we don't get good drippings)
  • make both cranberry sauces (cranberry horseradish relish and simple cranberry sauce)
  • make and cool brine, brine turkey

The turkey arrived yesterday from Gilt Taste. It is an Amish heritage turkey and it looks BEAUTIFUL.


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