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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Themed Dinners - Hawaiian Dinner Night

It's super easy to get in a rut with weeknight dinners, and I've often been tempted to institute themed dinners as a way to get past that. There are some themes that are easy and obvious (taco night, spaghetti night, breakfast for dinner night), but I would love to be more creative.

One of the themes I've wanted to try is Hawaiian Dinner night. We went to Hawaii with the kids in April, and I think that a Hawaiian Dinner would be an amazing way to relive the memories.

We could do Hawaiian plate lunches for dinner. I'm thinking... chicken teriyaki (this one looks amazing), sushi rice and macaroni salad. Or maybe we could even go nuts and have Loco Moco (hamburger patties and rice topped with gravy and a fried egg). For dessert, I'm thinking Chocolate Haupia Pie (this one?). 

Do you guys have any creative themed dinner ideas? 


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