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Monday, June 13, 2011

Meet the newest members of our family

This is Ruby:

She is a crawfish (or crayfish). I happen to be a huge fan of EATING crawfish, but Ruby is a pet. Dylan's class had 10 crawfish this year, and they learned all about them, including dietary habits, skeletal structure, what their eggs look like, etc.. We also went crawfish hunting in the Chicago River on a field trip:

Who says the big city doesn't have nature? We've got nature! (with a side of graffiti!)

Ruby isn't from the Chicago River (those guys got put back after they were examined by the 3rd graders). She was ordered by Dylan's teacher from some kind of crawfish catalog, and we were one of the lucky families who got to take one home now that the school year has come to an end.

Michael didn't want Max to feel left out, so when he went to Petco to get Ruby's container and gravel, he bought a betta fish. This is Jack:

Jack is on the left - his friend the pirate skeleton keeps him company. 

Did any of you get custody of the classroom pets? I have to say that I'm glad Ruby is not a hamster. 


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