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Monday, May 23, 2011

Hey... I meal planned this week!

As I mentioned yesterday, one of my daily goals is making dinner. With both of us working outside of the home full-time, it became really difficult to do this every night. Even when I did my best to plan and prep, it was just hard to get home at 6pm and then commence with the dinner preparations. We started getting really lax and ordering in a LOT. And, you know, it wasn't that satisfying. I know we were (are) very lucky to be able to afford to do this, but it does end up wasting a lot of money (just because we can afford it, doesn't mean we should do it) and it really isn't very healthy. So, I'm cooking more. And I am remembering again why I named this blog Foodmomiac. When I have time to cook, I LOVE to cook.

I'm not fully meal planning every week because I want to be able to run out and grab fresh ingredients midway through the week. This is especially important to me during the warm weather months, since I can run to farmers' markets around town on weekdays, stocking up on in-season produce.

That said, I did plan our meals through Wednesday of this week.

Sunday (last night): Marinated lamb kebabs (lamb was from Mint Creek farm), salad made with living lettuce and arugula from the Green City farmers market, Crash Hot Potatoes from Pioneer Woman

Monday: Shrimp Kebabs (I'm kind of kebab happy lately - so easy!), dill and onion brown rice (made in the rice cooker), grilled asparagus

Tuesday: Jambalaya with white rice, green beans

Wednesday: Roast chicken, macaroni salad


What are you guys making this week? Have you hit any farmers market lately?


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