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Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Fitmomiac - Pilates Update

So... this morning was my first ever official Pilates workout. I've tried Pilates a couple of times in the past, but I don't really count those experiences. The first time I tried it was at a resort in Cancun. It was all mat work, and all done on a palapa on the beach. I wore my bathing suit. It for sure wasn't anything formal, and I'm not even sure if I was doing things right. After that experience (which I loved, but it was on a freaking palapa, for god's sake), I decided I should try some more Pilates. So, I checked out the Pilates classes on, which I can get On Demand, on my television. These were.... boring.

When our local studio moved to a gorgeous location super close to my house, I decided I should actually check out Pilates for real, and I bought a set of 10 sessions with a personal Pilates trainer. I really loved it! It wasn't hard at all, but I think that was just because she was kind of sussing out what my issues and needs are and taking stock. I go back on Friday and I am expecting a much more intense workout.

Pilates can be kind of intimidating. The machines look like medieval torture devices with names to match (The Reformer! The Chair!), but they are actually pretty cool. I liked how in tune I was with my body throughout the workout, though I was very much dismayed (as I always am) by how inflexible I am. I have literally never been able to touch my toes.

I'm planning on doing private sessions only for another couple of weeks and then transitioning to classes for at least half of my Pilates workouts. Doing private sessions only long-term will be just too expensive.

Here is my workout schedule for this week:

Monday: ran 4 miles
Tuesday: Pilates private session
Wednesday: day off
Thursday: run 4 miles
Friday: Pilates private session
Saturday: run 6 miles


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