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Monday, August 16, 2010

Time to start thinking about school lunches!

Ahhhhh.... school lunches. School lunches are the Erica Kane of childhood. The character you love to hate.

I've written about school lunches before, but I thought it would be fun to share my latest school lunch epiphany. At work, we have this wonderful VP, Operations who is really hard core when it comes to project management. His walls are plastered with process charts, and he loves sharing his words of wisdom with our teams. One of his favorite quotes (and I know this isn't original to him, but he says it to me all the time) is: "Cheap, Fast or Good. Pick Two." So, my epiphany the other day was that this is totally applicable to school lunches! If good = healthy, this philosophy works. When you are packing school lunches, figure out what your day/week looks like, and pick the two qualities that fit your schedule. Is your budget tight and your schedule full? Pick cheap and fast (pre-packaged foods from your regular grocery store). Do you have a lot of time and want to make sure your kid has all of her vitamins? Pick cheap and good. (homemade foods that take a while to prepare).

Last week, I appeared on the local morning show, "You and Me This Morning" to discuss the topic of school lunches. I used the above philosophy to guide my suggestions. Enjoy!


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