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Saturday, August 07, 2010

Haulin' Ass

I'm writing this post from BlogHer. It's my fifth time at this conference, and while it is so much bigger and more overwhelming than it was when I first attended, it's always lovely to see old friends, meet new ones, and spend a full weekend getting my bucket filled (as my friend Lisa likes to say). There is nothing like a conference full of amazing women to raise one's self esteem. That is my favorite thing about the women's conferences that I attend. For all of the bickering and in-fighting that does seem to go on within the blogosphere, there is also so much lifting up. There is support, there is encouragement, there are hugs and there is a lot of laughter.

Last night at a cocktail party hosted by the gorgeous ladies of Kirtsy,I stopped by a table to get my body painted. Karen and Gabrielle were on hand to paint a slogan of choice on each woman's body part of choice. As I waited on line with Jess, I tried to figure out what group of words would be most representative of me. In years past, I might have chosen something rebellious, something kind of feisty. I've always been loud and outspoken, and that's kind of defined me. I've also always been about food (duh), so I thought I could maybe pick something food-related. I asked Jess if she had any ideas for my body paint, and she immediately replied that it had to be something related to running. Say what??

I have never, ever been an athlete. In elementary school, I was always picked last in gym class. If we played dodge ball or volley ball, I cringed in the corner. If we played baseball or soccer, I was teased for having no hand-eye coordination. Athletics was never my thing, so I just dove into other activities that were more my speed. I did drama. I sang. I occasionally danced. But I was never, ever an athlete.

But then last October, I decided to train for that half marathon in New Orleans. And as soon as that ended, I knew I would do something more, so now I'm training for the full marathon in Chicago. I am a runner. I am an athlete. I am really, really damn proud. And so when Jess suggested that my slogan of choice be "haulin' ass," I nodded my head in agreement and stuck out my arm.


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