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Monday, August 23, 2010

Changing of the Guard

There has been a tremendous amount of change going down at the Foodmomiac household (and work life) as of late. It's all very positive, but it is also very overwhelming from an emotional perspective:

- We have a new au pair! Vivi arrived Thursday evening from Brazil (via a 3 day training session in New Jersey). She is cute as a button and the kids seem to love her. I'm so excited to have an au pair again. Our two babysitters this year were both amazing, but it's nice to have help in the mornings, especially with all of the travel that we do these days.It's also really neat to see the kids exposed to the culture and languages of another country.Max is already learning a few words in Portuguese, and Vivi has promised that she'll treat me to some Brazilian recipes and a guided tour of one of Chicago's Brazilian steakhouse (nice!)

- We also have a new housekeeper. For the past year, our babysitters have done double duty, caring for the house in addition to caring for the kids. With the return of an au pair, we've had to separate these items out, and I was really lucky to find Carolyn on Not only does she organize the stuff around our house, but she also cooks! On Friday, she brought us homemade salsa and homemade tortilla chips. This feels like a match made in heaven, and I am finally at peace with the fact that our family needs to outsource housekeeping. My mom is very much a neat freak and my dad is OCD, so I grew up in a house where everything (except for my room) was in order. I just don't have a housekeeping gene (I think the messy gene skipped a generation and went straight from my Grandma Ana to me), and I am tired of being stressed out and feeling guilty over my messy house.

- Finally, I am in a new office at work. We moved up 31 floors. I still have the same south-facing view, but now that I am higher up, it is even more fabulous. I left the movers a diagram indicating how I wanted my desk to face, so I look straight out the window. When my desk faces the door, I always forget to look out at the glorious city-scape and I also end up feeling like a principal when people come and meet with me (and have to sit on the other side of my desk). This way, I can face guests without a desk in between us, and I never forget to enjoy the outside scenery:


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