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Monday, July 12, 2010

The 28-Day Cleansing Program - FAIL

I'm going to pretend that my three week absence was totally planned. In actuality, being gone for so long will make the story I'm about to tell you a lot more interesting and give it a true beginning, middle and end.

When I went to my college reunion in early June, my friend Abby told me all about this cleansing program that she did with her husband Ben in February. It was 28 days, and eliminated meat, dairy, flour, caffeine, alcohol and sugar. Additionally, they drank 12 - 32 ounces of vegetable juice each day and did a bunch of other detox-y activities. After talking to Abby about the program at great length, I decided I would do it upon our return from family camp, and I enlisted Michael to join me.

We bought the book, bought a juicer, and last Monday we got started. The juicing was phenomenal from the start. We LOVE making and drinking vegetable juice. A typical juice in our house contains at least four vegetables, and is usually bright red as a result of the beets. For example, this morning we juiced cabbage, celery, beet, ginger, carrots and an apple.

Last week went pretty well. There were some rough moments. I definitely missed my after-work cocktail, and I was pretty sick of brown rice come Friday. But... we continued on, determined to make the cleanse work. Then, I had my long run yesterday. As I've mentioned, I'm training for the Chicago Marathon, and my long run this week was 10 miles. Now, I know that we all have bad runs sometimes, but this was something different. I was shaky, my legs were achy, and at one point, I got totally shaky and felt like I was floating above my own body. NOT GOOD.

When I got home, I told Michael I was out and I begged him to take me to The Bagel (our favorite breakfast diner). I proceeded to scarf down a vegetarian omelet (with feta) along with half of a bagel. I followed that by a big beer at Goose Island.

I haven't completely fallen off the cleansing wagon. I am truly in love with juicing, and plan to keep on that indefinitely. I also have a much better perspective (as good as a perspective can be with just one week of research) on sugar and flour and how much we consume those.

Ah well. It made for a good blog post, at least.


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