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Thursday, April 15, 2010

Help Me Figure Out The Story Behind The Mystery House

Mystery house

There is a house across the street from us that has something really mysterious going on. It is driving me absolutely batty, and has been doing so over two years now, so I figured it was high time I shared it with the world and maybe got some other people in on the sleuthing.

Here's the background: When we moved into our house almost three years ago, the mystery house (MH) was in the process of being built. I was really excited about it. As you can see from the photos, MH is kind of stunning. Our block is in somewhat of a transitional state. Some of the houses (like ours) have been gut rehabbed. Others are brand-new construction standing on the sites of former tear downs. The rest of the homes are either dated but in good condition or are a tear down waiting to happen. So, to see an innovative and modern looking new home being built was a good omen for the future of the block and for our wallets.

Anyway, we moved in, MH was built, and I tried to spy a bit to figure out who the new owners would be. I was hoping for a family with young kids, and was thrilled to see a young couple with a baby standing outside one day directing the landscapers. I assumed they were the owners (but, because I am painfully shy in situations like that, I of course did not introduce myself. I just spied and moved on.)

Once the house was finished, I fully expected that nice young family to move in. But, that never happened. Instead, there is a big (5-6) crew of young guys living there. I'd say they are all in their late teens/early 20s. They seem to party pretty late into the night. The house, though, is in wonderful shape. There is a gorgeous chandelier in the front window, the landscaping is still alive, and there are elegant and appropriate decorations hung for every major holiday. BUT I HAVE NEVER SEEN ANYONE OVER THE AGE OF 23 IN THE HOUSE. I have also never seen any women there (except for visits) (yes, I am really shameless in my spying, but wait it gets worse).

The downstairs/garden level of the house is clearly the entertainment area. There is an enormous sectional couch and a humungo flat screen TV. There is also a big wall filled with DVDs. When I walk past the house at 5 or 6 am, I will often see a guy snoozing on the couch while watching TV. There is also a basketball hoop in the room where guys will often gather to play.

I cannot, for the life of me, figure out the story of this home. It has to have cost at least $1.4 million if not more. Who are these kids living there? How do they afford it? Is it some weird webcam thing? Are they trust fund babies? Are they athletes with lots of cash to spare?

I'd love to hear what you all think - this is clearly driving me up a wall.


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