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Monday, March 15, 2010

Weekend Update and a Weekly Menu


Michael left for Austin (to attend SXSW) last Friday, so I had the kids all to myself this weekend. It went surprisingly quickly. Usually, I struggle a bit when I'm alone with them on the weekends, but it was easier this time. Probably because they are older, but it was still somewhat of a shock.

Saturday morning, the kids had their ice skating tests. They have just completed their third session of ice skating lessons. After each of the first two sessions, Dylan graduated to the next level. Not Max, though. He has stubbornly refused to do anything required of him in the tests, and we were kind of resigned to watching him skate in "Tot 1" until he was 12. But, as you can likely glean from the above photo, this week he passed! Tot 2, here we come! (Dylan's streak ended this time, and she will repeat Beta this spring).

Saturday was also the day I tried to introduce Star Wars to the kids. I thought for sure Max would be enthralled. Not so much! Dylan kept talking about how stupid it was (we watched Episode 4, so I guess the special effects were too old fashioned for her?) and Max asked me to turn it off after about 45 minutes. Oh well. Yesterday, in line with our movie theme, I took them to see Alice in Wonderland in 3D at the IMAX. Dylie loved it, but Max hated it. That's his new favorite verb - he hates everything these days. It's very charming.

Moving on, I managed to get some food prepped yesterday for the week.

Our menu:

Sunday (last night): Meatloaf, roasted fingerling potatoes, peas

Monday: Jambalaya (prepped yesterday)

Tuesday: Shrimp stir fry (maybe)

Wednesday: Michael's choice, as I'm heading out with some friends

Thursday: Corned Beef and Cabbage, one day late! (the beef needs an extra day to corn - I didn't start it until yesterday)

Friday: Family dinner out

Saturday: Date night!


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