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Monday, September 14, 2009

Why, Hello There

I love the light in this photo

Um, yeah. It's been awhile.

I do have a fabulous excuse, though. Michael and I had planned for awhile to take a vacation the week leading up to Labor Day. His parents offered to take the kids in Toledo, and we were going to be frugal and just hang out at the Michigan cottage (we have it through the end of this month).

But, as you all know, the weather this summer has been abysmal nearly everywhere, and Michigan was certainly no exception. About three days before our vacation was set to begin, we looked at the weather forecast and saw that our week off promised more cold temperatures and rain. We just couldn't bear it. So, we cashed in the Amex membership miles that we have been saving for fifteen years and we booked a trip to Hawaii. Just the two of us. Because we were using the equivalent of Monopoly money, we were extravagant. We did first class seats on the plane and a five star hotel (the absolutely amazing Royal Hawaiian).

The above picture is from one of my favorite beaches. I love the old pilings that remained in the ocean. They added such a cool dimension to my photographs.

My plan is to post small snippets about the trip on Travelmomiac, and then link to them from here, so stay tuned.

OH, and I have a challenge in mind for myself as well. I want to post more, but I need some motivation. I also need to raise $1,000 for Healthy Schools Campaign (I'm on the board and committed to raising the money to support their annual fundraiser). I'm thinking of doing it like a walk-a-thon, but with posting. I'll commit to posting every day for a month, and maybe you guys can do a small donation? What do you think? I'll be sure to tell you more about HSC, and I'll even take post requests (recipes, meal plans, funny pictures of me with 80s hair, you name it.) Tell me what you think.


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