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Saturday, September 19, 2009

An Old Fashioned Pig Roast


Over the course of the summer, we have developed quite the Saturday routine for our weekends in Michigan. We wake up whenever we wake up, and then spend an hour or two just lazing around. We drink a bunch of coffee, watch some TV, the kids eat cereal, etc. Once we motivate, we drive 20 minutes north to Holland for their awesome farmers' market. Following the market, we hit the New Holland Brewing Company for lunch and then we head back to the cottage.

Today started off as one of those typical Saturdays. We hit the market (and MAN, late September markets in Michigan have quite the bounty), and then we drove over to the Brewing Company. It was 11:30, so we figured we've have an early lunch. But, then we saw a giant tent in the parking lot and the contraption you see above. It was Autumnfest, and two pigs had been roasting since midnight last night. We were told they wouldn't be ready until 2, so we made an executive decision to get the kids some appetizers and delay lunch. How could we pass on the above?

In actuality, the pigs weren't ready until after 3, but they were well worth the wait. Juicy and tender, with an amazing flavor. They were served with the best baked beans we had ever tasted, corn bread with honey butter and grilled corn with spiced butter. Each plate was chock full of fresh food and was only $8. What a deal and what a great way to end our summer here.

Here is a small reminder that I'm posting every day for a month to raise money for Healthy Schools Campaign. Once again, I had no donations today. If you'd like to help the cause, please click here and choose your donation amount. Every little bit helps. Seriously, every bit. If every reader donates $1, I can easily get to my goal. Thank you!


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