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Saturday, June 27, 2009

Life is insane, but good hair helps a LOT

So.. if it weren't apparent by my erratic (i.e. lame) blogging schedule, things have gotten a little bit hectic in the Foodmomiac household. School ended, camp began (two camps for Max, one for Dylan, all of which require swimsuits, towels, lunches, snacks, water bottles, ACK!), and work changed a lot.

Michael and I are now in the same department, and he's kind of my boss now, which is an interesting dynamic. I think we're handling it splendidly, though. As I told my dad, our style at home is kind of Archie and Edith, but at work we are MUCH more well-behaved.

That said, any reorganization is stressful, and the workload lately has been intense. Today we leave for our annual week at Family Camp, but it doesn't seem real. When you're running, running, running all the time, it is impossible to just STOP. It's kind of like that physics rule about an object in motion staying in motion.

While I'm gone trying to decompress, I do have an assignment for you. Actually, it's just for those of you attending BlogHer, but it's a very fun assignment. Here's the deal:

The BlogHer conference is in Chicago this year, so I have the opportunity to share some of the things that I love about this city with those who are coming into town. One of the things I love most is my hair stylist, Sheba, from Sparrow Hair. Sheba is honestly one of the coolest women in Chicago, and she is amazingly talented. Though I recently chopped all of my hair off, she is the only stylist who has ever been able to help me grow my hair out without many, many months of horrible, jewfro ugliness. (That is skill, my friends.) So, I want to share Sheba (and her business partner Susan) with all of you, and to do so, I have partnered with two lovely ladies; the always-gorgeous Susan Wagner of Friday Playdate and the stunning Heather Barmore of No Pasa Nada.

We are going to award four of you with a free hair makeover!

The rules:

1. If you are coming to BlogHer and want a hair makeover, post a photo or video on your site, showing us why you need one. Please be sure to include links to our three sites and to Sparrow Hair.
2. Post a link to your post in the comments of this post, or Susan or Heather's posts once those are live.
3. All entries must be in by July 3.
3. All entries will be judged by the lovely ladies of Sparrow and by the super-talented Whoorl of Hair Thursday.
4. We will select and announce 15 finalists. These women will all be invited to attend a special party at Sparrow Hair on the Thursday afternoon before BlogHer.
5. At the party, we will announce the four winners and document the makeovers.
6. Before and after photos will be showcased on all of our sites, sending the winners lots of link love in addition to the joy they are already receiving from their new hairdos.

Can't wait to see your pictures!


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