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Thursday, May 21, 2009

Welcome to Foodmomiac 2.0

When I started this blog in December of 2005, it was a sad and ugly little thing, created using a generic Typepad template that was labeled, "food blog."

I eventually customized it a bit. I added a masthead that featured my own photography (and was created by my buddy Mike, purely out of pity for my sad, sad blog). It still was never what I envisioned in my head.

In my head, my blog was a beautiful and comprehensive site. I had a page dedicated to my recipes. I had a navigation along the top. I had a real, live, logo.

Today, finally, the site matches the vision in my head.

You'll notice two brand-new blogs along the top - one dedicated to Travel, and one dedicated to all-things Chicago. Foodmomiac will remain what it has always been - a place for me to talk about the things that are on my mind. Some of these things are kids-related, many of them are food-related.

I hope you like what you see!! AND, if you do, please send some business to the two people who helped me make this happen (actually, they really did everything - I just directed). Gene Powell designed my logo and created my mastheads. (And, he has a brand-new company, but their site isn't yet ready, so stay tuned for that link). Gene and I have known each other for over nine years,  so he was the perfect candidate to create my logo. I didn't have to spend much time describing myself. In fact, when  he sent me the logo (which he nailed on his first try), he said the following:

I’m imagining June Cleaver smoking Pall Mall’s in the attic and drinking Blue Label from her best china. The logo in and of itself isn’t THAT irreverent. I’m just imagining your editorial voice behind it. I don’t know, something about it screams “Danielle” to me.

I'd also like to send GIANT props to Ms. Sweetney herself, Tracey Gaughran-Perez. She programmed all three sites for me, customizing the HECK out of them, and did everything super fast. She was totally down with my phone phobia, and didn't make me call her once! We did everything via email, and it was absolutely effortless. If you need a new blog or a Twitter background or anything like that, you must contact the ladies of Sweet Blog. They are amazing.


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