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Saturday, April 18, 2009

Immobilized by my "to do" list

Sad front yard
Originally uploaded by Foodmomiac

Today is one of those days where I have so much I want to do that I'm tempted to just do nothing, because there is no way I could accomplish everything. Here's what's on my list:

1. Go running outside. I'm up to 1.5 miles now, which is great for me, but not a lot of mileage, so it's not time consuming. I'm shocked by how much I'm enjoying my runs (even those on the treadmill). We'll see if that continues when my mileage increases. My trick for running outside is great music on the iPod. I typically switch between the Jay-Z MTV Unplugged album and Girl Talk, Feed the Animals. Both make me dance around as I run, and put me in an awesome mood.

2. Do a ton of laundry. When we got rid of our house boy (a.k.a. our dog walker who we paid to also help with laundry and house straightening), Michael swore to me that he'd contribute to the laundry duties. This lasted about two weeks (though he DOES wash his exercise clothes). I hate laundry. (This item is almost certainly moving to tomorrow.)

3. Remove the Christmas lights from the front of my house. These have been there since December of 2007 (that is not a typo). When my dad, step mom and aunt visited last June, they laughed that I might as well leave them up, since we were already half way to Christmas. I'm wondering if that same joke will still apply 10 months later (they are arriving on Thursday). In all fairness to me, these lights were installed by a handyman with a tall ladder. We don't have a tall enough ladder to take them down, but it just hasn't been worth the cost to hire a handyman for this one small task.

4. Power wash our back deck. This has been a necessary job for almost two years, but we can't decide if we should handle it ourself (power washers are available at Costco and aren't terribly expensive) or outsource it. I'm confident that we could handle the power washing piece of things, but then I believe there is some staining and sealing involved??

5. Get started on our disaster of a front yard. This is the sad area pictured above. We want to remove the far sidewalk that you see on the top left area of the photo. Then, we want to till all that grass up, remove the brick, add in some good dirt, make a pretty paver path leading toward the back gate (middle top of the photo - it leads to our backyard), and plant a bunch of perennials. This is something that we are confident we could do ourselves, but this is our last weekend home together without guests before we start our Michigan house rental. Michael has contemplated using a vacation day to get some of it done, so that's an option. I think at the very least, we'll take a drive to the garden center this morning for some reconnaissance.

What are you guys doing (or just thinking about doing) this weekend?


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