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Saturday, February 21, 2009

Travel Tip: Become a temporary regular

Southfield-store So, I'm traveling right now, but since I'm at a conference (The Mom 2.0 Summit which is amazing), I can't follow this advice. However, when we visited Massachusetts last weekend, we followed this advice to the max.

Here's the deal: there are a ton of benefits of being a regular, which is why most of us do it to one degree or another. Whether it's visiting your local Starbucks so often that the barista knows you want a grande nonfat latte, or walking into a local pub and having everyone yell out "Norm!", being a regular is a good thing. And, that is why I try to do it while on vacation.

It might seem like an impossibility to become a temporary regular, but it's actually quite easy. In Massachusetts, we did it for breakfast. My mom's house is in the middle of the country (dirt road and all), but about 2.5 miles away is a little place called the Southfield Store. Every morning, we drove there for our lattes and breakfast. By morning two, the people there recognized us and started chatting. By morning five, they knew that Michael wanted his latte to be a double. They knew that Max preferred his egg sandwich with ham. We felt comfortable, we felt at home, and really, anyone spending more than a night or two someplace can do the same thing that we did. It doesn't have to be breakfast. It can be choosing a pub in London where you enjoy an ale every afternoon or finding a little sandwich shop where you can grab a sandwich.

Whatever the meal (or drink), wherever the city (or hamlet), becoming a temporary regular definitely has its benefits. Traveling can be exhausting, but the comfort that comes from being a regular can add a bit of ease.

Do any of you do the same thing? (are we nuts?)


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