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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Five Days of Nothing

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We are back home from our short trip to Massachusetts. It was exactly the trip we all needed. We did nothing. Well, we did a few things, but none of them were planned.

We went out to breakfast every morning, at the same place. We went to a wonderful little museum called the Berkshire Museum, where the kids got to touch starfish, dig for fossils and look at stuffed rodents. We watched Indiana Jones 2, 3 AND 4 (including my seven-year-old daughter - mom of the year award for me!).

I read one book, did approximately 50 crossword puzzles, and cooked one dinner.

We had a fun dinner at a local Chinese restaurant that was absolutely filthy, but served us a gigantic flaming drink for two called the Scorpion, so it was all OK (and the food was actually quite good).

On our way back to the airport yesterday, we stopped at the Basketball Hall of Fame, had lunch at Uno's and sang a ton of camp songs.

Last night at 6:30pm, our airplane started its descent into Chicago. We were sitting in first class (unexpected upgrade), and Max was unable to hear very well because he was wearing Ear Planes (thank you Cynthia for the world's greatest suggestion). Anyway, as most people who can't hear are wont to do, he was yelling everything instead of speaking in a normal tone. When he saw the lights of the city, he began waving and yelled out, "Hi Sheee ahhh go! We BACK!"

So, yes, we are back, and I am feeling refreshed. Five days of nothing is exactly what we needed.


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