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Sunday, February 22, 2009

Awesome Takeaways from Mom 2.0 Summit 2009

If you follow me on Twitter or are friends with me on Facebook, you are already no doubt sick and tired of hearing about the Mom 2.0 Summit. It was such a fun time. I loved how small it was (just a few hundred people), because I was able to really sit and talk and get to know people at a depth that has been impossible at BlogHer (because it is just so huge).

I'm too tired to write an appropriate recap, but I know that as soon as I get to work tomorrow morning at 8am, my week is going to suck me in, so please forgive me for resorting to bullets.

Highlights and Key Learnings from Mom 2.0:

- I love finding out about new technologies that seem to have the potential to rock my world. When I heard about the Eye-Fi memory card, it sounded too good to be true. This memory card wirelessly connects to your computer, so your pictures upload from your camera to your Flickr (or your iPhoto, snapfish, etc.) AUTOMATICALLY. Seriously. The moment you walk within wifi distance of your host computer, the pictures upload. How cool is that? The even cooler thing is that Kristen from Motherhood Uncensored handed me one yesterday. I can't wait to start playing around with it. ALSO, if this sounds cool to you, the awesome guys from Eye-Fi are offering very deep discounts on their cards to Mom 2.0 attendees and their readers - this means you! Go to this special page on the Eye-Fi website to check them out.

- I REALLY want a pair of awesome cowboy boots. Joanne from Pundit Mom and Amie from Mamma Loves took a little road trip to pick some up while in Houston, and I am incredibly jealous. I'm thinking I'll have to order some online. If any of you want to do the same, the guys from Allens Boots are following the same page as Eye-Fi, and have also provided a discount to attendees and their readers. Simply go to Allens Boots and enter the code "kirtsy" to get a 10% discount.

- If I lived in Houston, I'd eat at T'Afia at least once a week. Chef Monica Pope is a total rock star, and when 11 of us invaded her restaurant last night, she treated us like queens. Can you believe that she offers free bar snacks every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday? Seriously, she's a rock star. Stay tuned for full details of our amazing meal (you can see the pics on my Flickr, if you want a sneak peak).

- Eating giant bone-in ribeye steaks is always a treat, but doing so in a restaurant called The Strip Club (complete with naked lady photos all over the walls) with a table of fabulous Momocrats is an extra special treat. Stefania from City Mama, Glennia from The Silent I, Sheila from Xiaolin Mama, and Aimee from Greeblemonkey were awesome dinner partners.

- Even 14 years post-graduation, and in a setting as removed as a sitting area in the Four Seasons, Houston, fellow Vassar graduates tend to recognize each other. Vassar is a pretty small school, so it's not surprising that those of us who attended together remember each other's faces, but usually those run-ins only happen to me on the streets of Park Slope or Manhattan. My run-in yesterday was pretty wild. I was sitting and chatting and a woman came up and told me I looked familiar. Her name is Veronique, and it turns out we were just one year apart at Vassar. We also lived in the same dorm and had the same faculty adviser. Weird, right? It gets cooler. She told me that she's great friends with  Katherine Center a novelist who was attending the conference. Katherine is ALSO a Vassar grad (one year apart from me as well), but we sat just one person apart at the Speaker's Dinner Thursday night without ever making that connection. Luckily for me, her second novel was a gift in the Speaker's Dinner swag bag (signed), and I devoured it on the plane ride home this morning. It's called Everyone is Beautiful, and it's terrific. I'm a restaurant reviewer, not a book reviewer, but I can tell you that this book made me cry on an airplane and then give my husband a big smooch when I arrived home. I think that's a pretty good testimonial, no?

I'm sure I'll think of other things I want to share, but right now I'm going to get back to cuddling my night owl daughter and watching the Oscars. Later!


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