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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Thoughts on balance, or lack thereof)

At Pier Cove
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On a Tuesday in early to mid-December, I decided I was doing too much all at once and that I could really use a mental health day. This decision was arrived at during a great therapy session. I left therapy determined to take care of my feeling of overwhelmedness (is that a word? Firefox is saying no, but it describes my feeling, so we'll leave it there). I made arrangements to take a mental health day that Friday, and resolved to just make it through the week.

The next day, our furnace died and my father-in-law got in his car accident. Needless to say, there was no mental health day. One week after that, we got a great new account at work which I was (and am) thrilled about, but it involved a shit ton of work in a very short period of time. And then the holidays hit. So, I ended up with holiday madness, tons of work, nearly all my team on vacation, an injured family member and no mental health day.

January has not eased up, and my body has started to rebel. Last week I developed two enormous cold sores (one on top, one on the bottom - super attractive). I had to fly to Tennessee for business and got food poisoning (which hit five minutes before my client meeting). I was laid up all weekend, but still had to work. Again, there is no mental health day in my near future.

I'm behind on blogging (both this blog and Cool Mom Picks). I'm worn out. At this point, life is in triage mode. I'm taking my moments where I can:

- Sitting with Dylan in our big chaise lounge and reading The Tale of Despereaux
- Cuddling Max in his fuzzy sleeper every morning
- Doing crossword puzzles in front of a roaring fire
- Taking a long bubble bath with special Mineral Soak from Kiehl's
- Watching mindless TV with sexy leading men and women (Hello Gregory House, Hello Shane from L Word) for at least an hour every evening
- Reading Lee Child books

I'm also dreaming of this summer. We just finalized all of the details on a rental house for the entire summer. It's the same house we rented last summer for a week at the end of August. The contract isn't signed, but we've agreed on all of the little details, so I'm feeling good about it. I'm also feeling good about sunsets, bonfires in the backyard, riding my bike to Chicken Scratch Farm and reading books on the beach. Life's too short to live in triage mode.


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