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Thursday, January 22, 2009

Sleeping Arrangements

Sleeping Arrangements
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I've had pretty bad lower back pain for the past month or two, and while I'm sure I could alleviate SOME of it with some smart living (yoga, better posture), the major cause of my back pain is not me. It's my kids.

The picture above is basically representative of the way I am forced to sleep every night. Actually, scratch that. It's slightly inaccurate, because usually there is a child's limb on my head or back or stomach.

Dylan has long been a guest in our bed, and honestly, I don't mind it too much. If she gets too gropey or encroaches too much onto my space, I can easily move her over to Michael's side without awakening her.

Max is the (very cute and cuddly) problem. He has only recently started wandering into our room at night, and he does so with maximum disruption. As he leaves his room, he slams his door closed. Then, he pads into our room, climbs up into my bed and over me (because the one time he slept on the outside, he went tumbling off at 4am and banged his head), and then commences to have really long, one-sided conversations with me. All in the world's loudest whisper. "Hi Mom. Is it morning yet? Can I watch Caillou? No? Can I watch a movie? I'm thirsty. Cuddle me mom. Put your arm around me mom. I have to go pee. Need your help to go pee mom, OK?"

I am so, so tired (and sore) this morning. I believe he whispered to me for an hour straight at about 4am. I know the solution is to walk him back in his room when he first comes in, but, ugh, that opens a whole new set of disruptions (crying, waking up his sister).


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