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Monday, January 05, 2009

Knock knock

Anyone there?

Well, I don't know if any non-family members have missed me, but I'm hearing grumblings from the parent and in-law front, so I figured it was high time I write something.

Work has been completely insane (even with the holidays), and this sad little blog has taken a backseat. I guess I'll just post some random thoughts in the absence of doing anything else:

- My friend Abby visited me in October, and we decided that come January we'd do a crazy detox diet that consists of no meat, no alcohol except for sake, no refined flours and no refined sugar. That has not happened, but I sure wish I had the discipline to do it for a month or two. The biggest thing holding me back is that I'd have to make separate meals for the kids. So annoying.

- Michael bought a BeerTender at Costco last week. It's kind of cool having draft beer in my kitchen, but I'm looking forward to the addition of new beer varieties. Right now it's just Heineken and Heineken Light, and I much prefer ales. That said, this doesn't really fit with my detox fantasy. Do they make a SakeTender?

- We bought ice skates for the whole family a couple of weeks ago (well, not Michael - he is long-time skater/hockey player and already has full gear), and finally went to the rink on Saturday. The City of Chicago has about 10 rinks, and the outdoor ones are completely free provided you have your own skates (they have rentals for a small fee if you don't). The rink we went to (at Warren Park) was so much fun! They played awesome music, and it wasn't terribly crowded. The ice was a bit chopped up, but for the price, you can't complain. Max wanted nothing to do with the skating. Getting him around the rink was like dragging a 50 pound bag of rice. He was totally limp. It was TORTURE. Michael and I each got him around once and then took turns sitting with him off the ice while the other skated with Dylie. Dylie was a total superstar. She still falls a lot, but she just laughed it off and kept getting up to try again and again. So cute. Michael took her skating again last night (to an indoor rink), and she skated all by herself (not holding hands) for over 40 minutes. Amazing!

- Do you all remember a while back when Yaelle treated me for my fish allergy? I never updated you, but since then, I can now order Thai food without saying, "no fish sauce." This makes me really, really happy. I can also order Caesar salads. This also makes me happy. OH, and the other night I bought sushi at the supermarket (i know, gross), and I realized after eating a few pieces that it had roe in it. But, no reaction!! I don't think I'll ever order a hunk of fish, but it's such a relief to know that my allergy is no longer death threatening.

OK, I think I'll save more updates for tomorrow. Don't want to strain myself, LOL.


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