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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Gummy Bears were Served at My New Book Club

On Sunday afternoon, Dylan and I went to my friend Amy's house for the first-ever meeting of our mother/daughter book club. It was a total blast.

Amy got the idea from a mom at her school, and we were lucky enough to be part of the group that she pulled together. Four of the girls (including Dylie) went to preschool together, which is super cute. Seeing these girls discussing a novel was rather amazing, considering they all met when they were four.

The book was The Tale of Despereaux, and showing that she follows in the procrastinating footsteps of her mother, Dylan finished it about three minutes before we left the house. Because it's tough to get first graders to spout literary theories, Amy did some research ahead of time, and was smart enough to fill a little bowl with pieces of paper that contained the names of characters and some key themes in the book.

We passed the bowl around the room and the girls took turns chatting about their chosen topic. Dylan decided to go rogue and go off-topic (my footsteps again?). Instead of talking about one of the words in the bowl, she and I talked about the theme of betrayal that ran through the book.

So... obvious questions. Amy served a gorgeous platter of cheese, accompanied by quince paste, fig cakes and crackers. There were also some really great olives, marcona almonds, and a treat that was new to me; pickled raisins. I am typically a raisin-hater, but these were AWESOME (and spicy!). (And hey! They are available at my beloved Zingerman's!)

The kids were welcome to eat any of the above, and Dylan definitely partook of the olives, but the kid-specific spread featured chocolate-covered Oreos, gummy bears and twizzlers.

There was definitely more playing than discussing (among the kids - the moms were chatty the whole time), but I think that's par for the course with that age group. Next up is Diary of a Wimpy Kid.


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