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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

The continuing saga of me and exercise

I got an email the other day from a reader reminding me that I hadn't updated my 30-Day Shred blog category since late September. Sigh. Yes, I know.

The truth is, I haven't STOPPED doing the Shred. I did take a week off exercising, but then I got back into it. These days, I'm doing the Shred about two - three times a week. The problem is that I'm SO INCREDIBLY BORED with it. I have memorized everything that Jillian says. I can measure where I am into the lunging/biceps routine in Level Two, by noting whether she is talking about going jeans shopping or going bathing suit shopping (hint: when she mentions the bathing suit, you are almost done). In Level One, she says that if you feel like you are going to die, you should just follow Anita. In Level Two, though, she kind of develops a mean streak and says that you SHOULD feel like you are going to die.

I also know every blooper. In Level Two, Jillian turns her head the wrong way during the shoulder stretch. In Level Three, Natalie TOTALLY slacks off and skips part of an exercise and she gets away with it (unlike that time in Level Two that she gets caught - ha HA!).

So, yeah. Bored.

Yesterday, I surfed around the ExerciseTV options on Comcast ON Demand, and discovered a 20 minute Tae Bo workout. I was kind of excited, because I was a big fan of Billy Blanks back in the day. Sadly, this routine was pathetic. First, he has NO CLUE how to talk and workout at the same time. So, everytime he has something motivating or educational to share, everything stops. Second, he's wearing a loin cloth:

It's incredibly hard to watch someone wearing a loin cloth. Also, he looks a LOT like Lafayette, the drug-dealing, gay prostitute line chef on True Blood:


So, I'm kind of stumped. I LOVE the 30-Day Shred workout, but, UGH, it's hard to bring myself to do it every morning. I have the Wii Fit sitting downstairs and can easily move it to my bedroom TV for easy morning exercise, but is that the best solution? (Just read that a Jillian Michael's workout is coming to wii fit next year which will rock). Any other ideas? I have a treadmill. I have 5 pound weights. I need the workout to be 1/2 hour or less and to be do-able in my house.


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