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Monday, September 15, 2008

Weekend Update (and more shredding)

Dylan Doing 30 Day Shred
Originally uploaded by Foodmomiac

Well, this weekend was the soggiest ever in Chicago, (seriously - we set a record for rain. It was awful.) so we spent a LOT of time inside. In terms of my exercise program, this was a good thing. It wasn't hard to find time to fit in my 20 minutes! On the weird side, it meant that I had company. Dylan and Max both got in on the action. Max mostly jumped around and did some really bizarre arm bends. Dylan, though (as you can see) got really obsessive about the whole thing. She put on a bikini (not sure on that one) and grabbed my yoga mat. She actually did both levels one and two on Saturday, but she didn't really do any of the exercises at full strength (except for the jumping jacks), so she's basically just a cheater. A very cute cheater.

This morning was day 5, and I'm feeling good. I'm going to order the DVD so I can move up to Level two on day 11 (day two won't be available On Demand after tomorrow), and I can really see myself sticking with this for 30 days.

So, on to non-exercise updates. Dylan went to a great creative writing class on Saturday at this place. She was invited by Jessi, one of our favorite babysitters and now a member of my team at work! In addition to her babysitting and social media-ing, Jessi also volunteers at 826 Chicago, and she knew that this particular class would be great for Dylie. She was right - it was wonderful, and Dylan spent two hours of our rainy Saturday working on a sequel to one of her favorite story books. So cool.

I also did some cooking this weekend. Last night we had roast chicken, mashed potatoes and peas. Yum.


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