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Monday, September 22, 2008

Hannah Winner and 30 Day Shred Update

And the winner is....


Since there were only five entries, I asked one of my colleagues to pick a number between one and five. Very scientific!

Jill, I know what street you are on (Jill used to be my neighbor!!), but please email me the exact address, and I'll send out the card.

So, moving on to the 30 Day Shred. Today was my third day of Level Two. It's actually my twelfth day of doing the program (would be thirteen, but I skipped a day). I'm feeling good! Level Two is definitely WAY harder than Level One. I notice that the abs and cardio are more present throughout, so it's just tough for the entire twenty minutes. I need to get some new weights, and unless I want to start doing more laundry (which I don't), I need some more sports bras. I also think I need to start wearing sneakers. I do the Shred in my bedroom which has really thick carpet, but my calves are very sore from all of the jumping and I don't want to get injured.

You guys still sticking with the program? Noticing any differences? I feel a bit stronger, but I still can't button most of my jeans.


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