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Monday, September 08, 2008

A fun day with the kids and food

Yesterday we had no specific plans, other than the usual Sunday food shopping. I decided that I couldn't deal with both kids at once, so Dylan hung with Michael, and I set out for Trader Joe's with Mr. Max. He wouldn't get in my car for some reason (carbon footprint concerns?), so I pulled out the giant Radio Flyer wagon, piled him in it along with a bunch of totes, and pulled him to TJ's, which is just over a mile away. It was a gorgeous early fall day (actually felt more like summer), and we actually had a blast.

Once we got to the store, Max got his own cart, because TJ's has those mini-carts for little kids. It was adorable, though a little treacherous. I'm surprised he didn't wreak more havoc than he did, and I'm lucky that he didn't plow into anyone, though we had a few close calls. He LOVED picking out his own food, and while I drew the line at certain items (organic shaving cream), I did let him have some leeway. He insisted on getting red wine salami and non-alcoholic mojitos for Michael ("need get this for daddy"), making me wonder what the heck goes on in his head. "Oh, that dad of mine. He sure does love cured meat products and fake cocktails."

The way home was definitely harder than the way there. We had too many bags to fit Max in the wagon as well, so he "helped me push." It was adorable.

When we got home, I decided to make last night's dinner (marinated lamb chops) and tonight's dinner at the same time. Dylan pulled up a chair to help, so I got my bonding in with her as well. Tonight we are having Italian Sausage Lasagne, but she claims to HATE lasagne, so I called it, "Mamarita Layed Pasta Dish." She bought it, and claims to be very excited to eat it. I think she might be playing along with me. The pasta box clearly said "Lasagne," but she loved the flavors of the sausage, sauce and cheese, so I think she wants to like the dish again. We'll see what happens tonight!


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