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Sunday, August 24, 2008

Cottage Living

Beachatwestside Well, that took a bit longer than I expected. Following our overnight trip to Michigan, I left for one of the more tiring business trips I've ever embarked upon. On Monday, I flew into Philly and drove an hour to Kennett Square, Pennsylvania (the mushroom capitol of the world) to meet with some mushroom growers. The highlight of that trip was a tour of Phillips Mushroom Farm. They are the largest grower of specialty mushrooms in the country, and it was totally fascinating. I was especially blown away by the way they grow some of the Asian varieties, such as enoki, maitake and shiitake. If you ever have a chance to visit a mushroom farm, I'd totally recommend doing so. It's just wild. Following a night in Kennett Square, I flew to San Francisco, spent the night in Palo Alto, and then drove down to Watsonville to meet with the west coast mushroom growers. That same day, I drove back up to San Francisco to fly home. We landed at 1am. Thursday and Friday were filled with crazy amounts of work, and I had no energy for blogging, sadly.

Anyway, last weekend was our overnight trip to Saugatuck, and we fell in love with the area. Our motel was nothing fancy, but it was clean and conveniently located, and the owner was great. After driving to Michigan (3 hours) and checking in, we spent the remainder of the afternoon on the dock of a waterfront restaurant, drinking Oberons (the kids had kiddie cocktails) and letting the kids go on carnival rides that were set up next door. The night ended early with takeout Mexican in the yard of the motel.

The next day, we had an amazing breakfast, stopped at a farm market, and cruised around a bit. We got on the road early in an effort to get ready for the crazy week ahead, but not before checking out a cottage called The Beachcomber. The cottage is right on Lake Michigan, and... that's where we are right now! We rented the cottage for 8 days, so we'll be here until Sunday. It's very relaxing, and the layout is perfect. One queen bedroom downstairs, and a bigger dorm-style room upstairs, with four twin beds (Paty, our au pair is with us).

The picture above is the beach next door. It's gorgeous.


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« One of those blog posts in which I talk about my lack of blogging | Main | Sun sets on our second full day of vacation... »

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