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Sunday, August 10, 2008

Cleaning out the freezer

Michael and I spend a lot of time bitching about the size of our freezer (we bitch about a lot of other things too, including our carpet, litterbugs, the fact that our kids slam the door nonstop, etc, but that's for another post). In Toledo, we had a separate freezer, but I don't know that I'd do that again. It's certainly tempting, but it's not like we have a ton of extra space, and I found that the extra freezer led to us keeping extra crap. We were never great about using up everything we froze.

I came to a mini-realization today today that maybe the problem isn't our freezer. Maybe the problem is that we never cook anything from our freezer. If we actually cycled through the food in there, it wouldn't always be so packed. So, I sat on my kitchen floor with the freezer door open and took an inventory:

  • Two bags pecans (one halves, one pieces)
  • Three bags edamame, in the shell
  • Two bags frozen berries
  • Two bags frozen bananas
  • One tube of organic ground chicken
  • One bag frozen shrimp
  • One box organic mini waffles
  • One box Bell & Evans chicken tenders
  • One giant bag waffle fries
  • One small bag waffle fries
  • One small bag oven fries
  • One loaf French bread
  • One bag Trader Joe's asparagus risotto
  • Two packs chicken thighs
  • One organic pork shoulder steak
  • Four ribeyes
  • One bag Brussels Sprouts
  • One ziploc homemade chili
  • Three frozen pizzas
  • Two packs organic ground beef
  • One giant pork tenderloin
  • One pack oxtails
  • One bag bay scallops
  • One package carnitas
  • One bag pizza dough
  • Three packs brats
  • One pack bulk Italian sausage
  • 28 links breakfast sausage
  • One ziploc shrimp shells (for stock)
  • One ziploc chicken backs (for stock)

The highlighted items were pulled out and will be prepared this week. I am determined to make a dent!!


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