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Thursday, June 12, 2008

The TRUE foodmomiac is revealed (ENFP/32A)

Originally uploaded by aaronandjeanne
OK, I am ready to finally post again and push that lovely photo of Bourdain down the page. My friend Mary has been posting nasty comments to me, complaining about that photo all week (I exaggerate a bit). But, I have also received emails praising my choice of photo, so...

Anyway, THIS photo was taken at a fabulous lingerie shop on Monday morning. That's me on the left and Lisa on the right. We were also joined by the super-fabulous Jeannie and Jess. Now, I've been fitted for a bra before. Two times, to be exact. Both times were at the Town Shop in New York, and at one point I think I even decided that I'd never buy a bra anywhere else. Well, deciding something like that is kind of stupid, because it means you'll end up walking around in an old saggy bra for too long.

Luckily, Jeanne told me about Isabella's, and informed me that the one and only Boobologist was a friend of a friend! (The Boobologist is Lauren, and is great friends with Lisa.)

Well, we all went, and it was awesome. I got a whole new set of bras, and even though you could have fit 10 of them into one of the cups of anyone else's bra, I was very happy.

In other news, I also had a great day at work yesterday. We had a big Myers Briggs training session, and I just LOVED it. Turns out (and I think I knew this from back in college) I'm an ENFP. What this means in a nutshell is that all of my faults are actually just part of my lovely personality, and unavoidable. Ha!

Actually, yes, I should probably work on being more organized, but here is a description of my type that I wrote up in the training:

I am energizing, loud, easily excited, enthusiastic, casual, social, emotional, passionate, prone to overextending and procrastination. My team should know that I might overlook details and I'm most effective in the start-up of a project (vs. the implementation).


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