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Monday, May 05, 2008

Weekly Menu and A New Addition to the Household

Lucy and Dylan
Originally uploaded by Foodmomiac
Meet Lucy!

Lucy arrived Saturday afternoon via an American Airlines flight from LaGuardia to O'Hare. The story of how and why we got her is kind of long, and I'm sure I'll share more over the next few weeks. In short, my uncle is very ill, so Michael and I decided to help my aunt out by taking Lucy. She is a four-year-old Border Terrier, and is already right at home in our house. Friday was a bit snotty on day one, but seems to be adjusting OK. She actually allowed Lucy to play with her for a bit yesterday. So interesting to watch the alpha dog dynamic in play. Dylan is THRILLED to have a dog that she can walk. Friday pulls way too hard on the leash for a child to handle her, but Lucy is a little thing, and exactly the right size for Dyl.

Anyway, the house is as chaotic as ever, but we must like it that way, right?

This week's menu:

Sunday: Last night Michael cooked dinner, and it was great. Homemade burgers, sliced potatoes and onions cooked in a foil packet on the grill, French green beans

Monday: Marinated skirt steak, potato salad (a joint Michael/Danielle venture, made yesterday), iceburg wedges with bleu cheese and crumbled nitrate-free bacon

Tuesday: Something without red meat!!! I'm thinking eggplant casserole and steamed artichoke

Wednesday: Spaghetti night? I might have something else, but I can NOT remember what else we bought.

Thursday, Friday and Saturday I'm in Santa Barbara with my ladies, so the family will have to fend for themselves. I know hot dogs are on the menu for one of the nights.


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