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Monday, April 28, 2008

Weekly Menu - Week of 4/28/08

Weekly menu
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We spend so much money on food each week, and are making a concerted effort to be better about it. Yesterday, we all went to Costco, and stocked up. The goal is to pack lunches (a bought lunch at work is almost always at least $8) and make dinner every night. Friday nights we typically go out as a family, and Saturday night is date night. We might alter the Friday night thing (go to a BYOB, or bring in take-out), but Saturday date night is practically a religion for us. That's not going anywhere.

Some of the things I bought at Costco include:

Ribeye Steaks - We had these last night and were kind of disappointed. I always opt for Ribeye over tenderloin because it's so much more flavorful, but these had practically no flavor at all. I have four more in the freezer and am now dreading making them. Any tips to bring flavor to a flavorless ribeye? Marinate in beef fat (a la Top Chef)?
Sugar Snap Peas - Dylan and I love snacking on these. She requests them in her lunch, and I packed them in mine as well. They are also great in salad (but not for Michael - they weirded him out).
Baby Cucumbers - Another great lunch item. These are grown hydroponically, and are delicious. I love them in salads or plain for snacking.
Haricots Verts - These small French green beans looked gorgeous, and since they are already trimmed, they will be super easy to prepare for a weeknight dinner. I'm thinking garlic and almonds.
Sabra Hummus - Yum, yum, yum
Vacuum-sealed Carnitas - I bought these because Stefania recommended them. Can't wait to try them on Thursday!
18 organic, free-range eggs - Passover is done, but we still have lots of matzoh in the house. Turns out both kids love Matzoh Brei!
Feta Cheese - It's not as gourmet as block feta, but I love getting the giant container of crumbled Feta from President. It's so convenient for omelets and salads, and both kids love it.

The Menu:
Sunday: Ribeye steaks, oven-baked potato wedges with alioli (Spanish dipping sauce similar to aioli), Greek salad
Monday: Lemon-marinated chicken thighs, haricots verts, rice
Tuesday: Crockpot chili, cornbread
Wednesday: Spaghetti, garlic bread, salad
Thursday: Carnitas with corn tortillas, Caribbean black beans


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