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Wednesday, April 02, 2008


A typical Max breakfast
Originally uploaded by Foodmomiac
OK, so part of my job is going to a lot of brainstorms, and yesterday I attended a brainstorm on breakfast. While sitting there chatting with the other women (did you know that PR is mostly women?), I realized that I have TOTALLY different standards for breakfast than I do for other meals, at least in terms of my children.

For lunch, I do my best to make sure they are getting a very balanced meal. So, in Dylan's lunchbox, I always put in a vegetable and/or a fruit, a carb and her sandwich. I also give her filtered water instead of juice. Healthy!

For dinner, I have all sorts of guilt associated with what I serve. In my mind, family dinner is one of the most important things in the world. I insist that we eat together (if we're all home), and I feel bad if I don't cook something great. Sometimes we order in, which is OK, but I tend to feel guilty. The only time that I consistently rely on processed box-type meals is on Saturday nights when Michael and I have date night, and the kids just eat on their own. (They usually get mac and cheese with peas tossed in for good measure.)

So, here's what's weird. For breakfast? I could care less. Want a bowl of Cinnamon Toast Crunch? OK! Want instant oatmeal? Fine by me! I think this is for a few reasons:

1. I don't love breakfast myself (never have), and I always resented being forced to eat it as a child.
2. I leave the house by 7:30 every morning, so I just don't have time to focus on this.
3. I refuse to do dishes that early in the day. So I'm not likely to cook up a poached egg before work.

But, my friend Allison was sitting next to me in that brainstorm, and she makes her kids CUSTOM breakfasts every morning! And the breakfasts include both a protein AND a carb! (One of her kid actually requests a poached egg everyday - amazing to me!)

I was totally shocked and in awe. I mean, I've read about her fabulous breakfasts, but I didn't realize it was a rule. So, now I'm wondering.... is there something wrong with me?

Is breakfast a big deal for you guys???


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