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Friday, March 28, 2008


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I've never participated in this before, but when I saw Sweetney's picture and realized that I had the same object (weird!), I decided that I should post (plus, I REALLY need to get off my duff and post something).

Today's Flashback Question: My Favorite Thing (Or, 'These Are A Few Of...') - post a picture of an object or objects (we know that your children are your most valued whatevers, but we're going OBJECTS here. Books, art, photos, mementos, shoes, garden gnomes, television set, whatever) that is/are dear to your heart. What would you grab if your house were on fire?

This is panda. Panda used to be much larger, and filled with a lot more stuff. He also had a second eye. And a nose. And a cute little red felt mouth. I got panda from my Papa and Grandma when I was just a small baby. If I recall correctly, they got him by sending in box tops from something or other. (They had a habit of doing this. We also had a Tropicana Orange Juice towel.)

I slept with panda every night well into college. Actually, there is a line in my baby book that says Age 7: Gave up panda. This was totally short-lived, but my mom never corrected it. When I slept with panda as an older kid/woman, I would hold him with a fist around his neck. After I finally stopped sleeping with him, I still slept with a sheet bunched up in my fist.

Now baby stuffed animals are made with eyes that can't fall off, and stuffing that doesn't leak out (leaving tiny pellets everywhere). I know that's a good thing in terms of my kids' safety, but I am glad that panda was built the way he was. He's a tough guy, that old panda. At one point, when I was in elementary school, my Grandma Lilly offered to re-stuff panda for me. We opened up a hole in his back and shoved in a bunch of cotton balls. We then sewed him up. His newfound puffy state lasted for a couple of months. Eventually, though, he lost more of his original pellets and the cotton balls condensed into much smaller balls and migrated into his arms and legs.

Panda is now in the shadow box you see up above, sitting on the desk in my home office. I considered hanging it in Dylan's room, but he's not hers after all. He's all mine.

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