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Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Introducing AcuMomma

I've mentioned Yaelle before. Well, guess what? Spending an entire night with me last week made her snap, and she went and created her very own blog.

I'm biased, but it's awesome, even with just two posts. I think after reading it, you'll get a sense of why I love Yaelle so much.

Speaking of Yaelle, when we spent time together last week, she treated me for my fish allergy. I think some of you know that I'm deathly allergic to fish, right? (not shellfish, just fish fish). Anyway, in addition to acupuncture, massage, reiki and herbal treatments, Yaelle is also a licensed practioner of NAET. NAET is way too complicated for me to fully explain, so you should click that link, but I'll tell you what Yaelle did for me, and then you'll possibly understand.

She has this big portfolio filled with teeny vials of various substances. To test for allergies, I held a vial in my left hand, and then raised my right hand straight out in front of myself. Yaelle then tried to push my right hand down. If I was able to resist the pressure, there is no intolerance. If I couldn't resist it, intolerance. She tested me for calcium, vitamin C, etc. I resisted all of those. Then, she put another vial in my hand (she didn't tell me what ANY of the vials were ahead of time), and tried to push down my arm. My arm flew down with NO resistance whatsoever. She smiled and asked me to look in my hand. Yep. Fish Oil Mix. Totally weird, right? It's actually called applied kinesiology.

At that point, I continued to hold the vial, and Yaelle did some acupressure stuff on my back while I did weird breathing things (she is probably rolling her eyes at my terrible description of this process). Then, I lay down on my back (still holding the vial), and she put needles all over me. I lay like that for about 20 minutes, and then I was done. I had to stay away from fish for 25 hours (not hard, since I haven't eaten it since I was three). Typically, she would then re-test the subject, but by then, we were once again thousands of miles apart. I'm going to keep avoiding fish, but she'll re-test me when we see each other again in May (or sooner, if I'm back for business). I'm not sure I'm brave enough to dig into a tuna fish sandwich, but maybe I'll no longer need to be so afraid of eating Vietnamese or Thai food (since they both features lots of fish sauce).

Well, that was a ridiculously long introduction, but do go visit Yaelle's blog and say hi.


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