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Tuesday, February 12, 2008

What I'm Enjoying These Days

LwordI don't have much food news to report this week. I have some kind of annoying virus that started as sinus congestion, turned into fever, and is now leaving me with a general feeling of malaise. I'm working from home today with the hopes of feeling all better tomorrow. I hope that's the case, because I think a nap under my desk might be frowned upon.

Dinner last night was leftover Chinese food from Saturday night, and dinner tonight is chili from a few weeks ago that I just pulled out of the freezer. I'm hoping that Max eats something. All he'll do is snack, and when I suggest he eats real food, he throws a fit (and occasionally throws the suggested food, clear across the table).

Anyway, I was thinking this morning about the stuff on TV and the Web that makes me happy lately, and since I have no food news, I figured it would be fun to share. And then maybe you guys can share your happy entertainment things with me? Please?

- The L Word: I have been a huge fan of this show since Season 3. Season 5 is now underway, and I'm loving it. I was VERY nervous after the first episode nearly jumped the shark, but then the show quickly recovered, and it's awesome. Last week's episode was my all-time favorite, with a party scene that is the best I have ever witnessed.
- Project Runway: This is only my second season watching the show, but I just love it, love it, love it. I'm rooting for Sweet P, all the way. Maybe it's our shared love of tattoos. Not sure. I like that she's kind of sloppy. You don't get that much in fashion designers, but I have a huge appreciation for sloppiness.
- Project RunGay: What? You don't read this blog??? The commentary on each week's show makes me laugh out loud, consistently. I've shared the joy of this blog with my boss and some other co-workers, and I'm proud to report that they are now hooked too.
- GoFugYourself: If you haven't had enough snarky commentary after reading Project RunGay, make your way over to this gem of a blog. I'm sure you all know it already, but if not, you're welcome.
- Drake & Josh: This one is a little embarrassing. But, it's kind of like how I was with The Wiggles. Back when Dylan LOVED the Wiggles, I developed a bit of a crush on Greg (the original yellow guy). It's not that he's super handsome or anything, but he was the cutest of the four. He was the most talented. And, honestly? If I have to watch a show 45 times a day, I just need to find one of the characters attractive. Sue me. ANYWAY, meet Drake Bell. My new inappropriate crush. Let me just state for the record. He is 21, so I'm not totally creepy. And he's talented! He's signed by UniversalMotown! According to Wikipedia, the show is no longer being made, which is very sad, because Dylan loves it, and it's very easy to watch. Certainly easier than Spongebob.
- iCarly: This is another Dylan favorite, and though the characters are kind of annoying, I like it. The website is also pretty entertaining, and Dylan has become obsessed with making her own web show now. (Trivia: Fans of School of Rock will recognize Miranda Cosgrove as the band manager, Summer Hathaway.)

Photo courtesy of Showtime.


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