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Monday, October 22, 2007

My Boy

Max's New Thing
Originally uploaded by Foodmomiac
Max starts his speech therapy tomorrow morning at 8am. I can't wait. I can't wait for this kid to start talking to me. We had our evaluation a couple of weeks ago, and his expressive language is right between 9-12 months and 12-15 months. He is 26 months old.

Thankfully, his expressive language is basically his only delay. There is some slight concern with aggression (he's a pusher) and introspection (I think that's the term they used), but that's because he doesn't say "max" or "I" or "me" and because he is frustrated a lot of the time.

But, despite the language issues, Max is just so frickin' awesome. I love that kid so much. He is obsessed with things being on and off and in and out. He carries this little wooden step stool around the house so that he can turn lights on and off. He totally has an addictive personality. A couple of months ago, he wanted milk non-stop. We were going through 2 gallons a week. Now it's apple juice, but a trip to the dentist last week freaked me out (though I knew it was bad, but somehow hearing it from "Dr. Bob" scared me) and we're currently going through appuhh detox. The kid wonders around the house moaning, "appuhhh! appuhh!" Tonight in his crib, he screamed "appuhhh! appuhh! for half an hour. It's quite sad. I tried to lessen the blow with a darling little Sigg bottle for his water, but he's not buying it. Sometimes he longingly calls his Sigg bottle "appuhh," but you can tell that his heart isn't into it.

He also gets addicted to characters. For a while, Elmo was his main man. He still sleeps with the little one-eyed freak, but now his obsession is focused on Diego, or as we call him, "uhgo." Max has a Diego outfit from his Moppy (Michael's mom), and he wants to wear it every day. He will pull it out of his hamper and insist on wearing it. He wants to sleep in it. It's these cute camo track pants with a matching zip-up jacket and a long-sleeved orange shirt. So cute. He will wear his other outfits, but only if I tell him that Diego has the same thing. Sucker.

Max also likes Cars, but he calls it "kwee." I believe that's short for "Lightning McQueen." I'm totally down with this obsession, because despite his shortcomings, I do love me some Owen Wilson (I actually went to see The Darjeeling Limited last weekend and LOVED it.)

What else? Max is very fond of jewelry. In this picture he is wearing an orange floral bead bracelet that he snagged from his sister. He wore it for two days straight. He has also been known to don hot pink headbands, assorted bangles, and any flashy necklace in site. He is very fond of flash. If shoes light up, he is all over them.

Despite all of his charms, Max can also be quite the stinker. This past weekend, he started exhibiting signs of entering the Terrible Two's. At one point, he pulled a big ziploc of Cheerios mix out of the snack drawer, opened it, made eye contact with me, and then proceeded to dump all of it on the floor. An hour later he did the same thing with some dried strawberries, but by then he had learned his lesson. He immediately went to the under-sink cabinet (which he has learned to open), grabbed the dustpan and brush, and cleaned it up. Lest you think he is the perfect child, though, he then started snacking straight from the dustpan.

I love that boy.


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