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Friday, October 26, 2007

Checking in from London

After a ridiculously long journey (I think it was 18 hours total, including the drive to Toledo, the drive up to Detroit, the 2 hour flight delay, the flight, the ridiculously long wait at customs, the train to Victoria station and the taxi to the Edelman office), I am finally in London. I didn't do much yesterday other than work (and yawn), but it was nice to be with Michael and see where he has been working!

After work yesterday, we walked over to a pub with some co-workers. The pubs here are great. As I texted Megen (my sister-in-law), every pub is kind of like the best bar you've ever been to. The one we went to was called Crown and Sceptre (doesn't that sound like a pub from Dungeons & Dragons?), and though it was packed, we managed to find an open table. I think this is just kind of an everyday pub here, but the decor is insane. The ceiling is black, ornate tin, and the walls are covered in really crazy floral wallpaper. Something that really surprised me was that people were hanging out outside. It's not really a patio area (though I think they refer to it that way). It was kind of just like people were allowed to carry their pint glasses outside to drink on the sidewalk. So, that was weird. And, I also just can't believe that outdoor areas have people in them given the weather! It's definitely not as cold as Chicago, but it is super damp, and I've been wearing my wool coat.

After leaving the co-workers, we headed down to Soho, and popped into yet another pub to kill time before dinner. By total happenstance, we bumped into more Edelman folks (the bigwigs) and spent our time discussing our various meal options with them. These guys know all of the top chefs in London and have assured us that they can get us in anywhere. The question now becomes, where to go?? I think I'm most eager to check out St. John. If you are not into eating strange body parts of animals, that menu might make you barf, but I am dying to try the marrow bones and the sweetbreads there. Fergus Henderson, the chef and owner of St. John is world-renowned for cooking offal and bones and everything in between, and even wrote a book about it (the introduction to the book was written by Tony Bourdain, which helps to explain my desire to eat at St. John.   

So, back to my evening. After the second pub, we crossed the street for dinner at Red Fort. This is a top-notch Indian restaurant, and we loved everything we ordered. I think my favorite dish was a side of white pumpkin. It was delicious, especially with the peach raita and bread served alongside our meal.

After dinner, we had one more beer (Michael did, actually. I had sparkling water because I was about to fall asleep) at a little restaurant near Michael's apartment and then we called it a night.

Today I'm hoping to check out a fabulous cheese shop, eat some more terrific food and drink lots of beer. I also need to buy some black tights, which will probably run me $40 because everything here is so insanely expensive.



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