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Wednesday, August 22, 2007

What I Should Be Doing...

Paty, our au pair, is arriving tomorrow, and I'm sitting in my giant arm chair just screwing around. I'm playing Scrabble on Facebook, reading blogs, hitting refresh on Flickr and Twitter over and over.

I should probably deal with all of my clutter so we don't scare her away. I could put away some laundry. I could DO some laundry. I could get the coffee pot ready for the morning so I'm not doing it at 6am when I'm groggy and grumpy.

I could finally organize my damn home office that has been sitting in a state of disarray for two months. I could organize my clothing like Susan has been doing all week.

I could drink some water to offset the prosecco I drank tonight at our local wine bar. I could catch up on my work email. I could work on one of the zillion PowerPoints I have on my to do list.

I totally don't feel like doing any of those things, and tomorrow morning is going to be INSANE as a result. I do this every night, by the way. Sigh.


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« I'm not used to being this productive | Main | Anti-Climactic »


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