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Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Sometimes Vegetarian Dinners = Late Night Munchies

Snappy's shrimp
Originally uploaded by Foodmomiac
You are looking at the snack I shared with my friend Joni last night at 10pm. Yes, I had already had dinner, but by 10pm, I was STARVING.

Dinner was broiled eggplant (following one of Mark Bittman's recipes. I sliced the eggplant into 1/2 inch slices, sprayed generously with olive oil, and placed it under the broiler for about 12 minutes (flipping once). Then, I topped with fresh mozzarella (he suggested feta or goat, but I wanted the mozzarella) and some fresh basil. We ate it with brown rice. It was all pretty tasty. It was certainly healthy. But, yeah, I totally needed fried shrimp at 10pm.

After I put Max to bed last night (believe it or not, he enjoyed his birthday dinner of eggplant - Dylan refused to touch it, so she had rice with grated cheese on top and about 20 olives), I rushed out to meet my friend Joni at a bar. You will not believe the deal they had going on. $15 got me a martini AND a manicure!! How cool is that? After we were all prettied up, we decided we were hungry, and we walked a few blocks east intending to hit Cafe 28, my favorite Cuban joint. I was planning on some fun appetizers and a mojito. But, Cafe 28 was closed as a result of some A/C problems, so we instead crossed the street and ventured into Snappy's Shrimp.

I had never noticed this place, but Joni has been wanting to try it for a while. She never gets the opportunity to do so, though, because her husband Dave has cholesterol issues (which, so do I, but my HDL is high, so I ignore them - Dave is much more disciplined than I am). I am never one to say no to a place with a name as fabulous as Snappy's Shrimp, and I am so excited that we checked it out. We got a wax-lined paper bag filled with 1/2 pound of freshly friend jumbo shrimp for just $7. It was amazing. I can not wait to go back, and next time I'm totally trying the hush puppies too. The only problem with this place is that they don't have any alcohol. Fried shrimp just screams out for ice cold beer, so I'm thinking takeout next time.


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