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Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Max's Lunch

Max's Lunch
Originally uploaded by Foodmomiac
I have such a hard time figuring out what to send with Max for lunch. He'll be 22 months old on Thursday, and while he really is a terrific eater, he seems to have distinct moods when it comes to food.

When Dylan likes something, she is happy to eat it every day, multiple times a day. This has always driven me crazy, but now that I have a kid who craves variety, I realize how much easier her particular idiosyncrasy really is. For example, one day, I'll send him with a thermos of mac & cheese and he'll devour the whole thing. If I send it with him the next day, he won't touch it. Annoying!

So, it is all about the variety. Yesterday, he had slices of turkey rolled up, some slices of cheddar cheese, a container of cut-up strawberries, a yogurt and some veggie booty.

Today he gets what you see above. Grilled cheese (perfect style, of course), fruit salad (which I covered with press'n seal), a yogurt tube and a container of frozen peas.


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