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Friday, June 01, 2007

Let's Make June a Little Crazier

Last night, as I was putting Dylan to bed, I told her that today was June 1, and that she could flip her calendar page (she LOVES flipping to the next month). I lay down next to her in her bed, and told her that June was going to be a very exciting month for the Wiley's. Here's what's going on:
- Dylan's last day of preschool
- Our move
- Dylan's dance recital
- Father's Day
- Dylan's first day of day camp (and she gets there and back on a real live school bus!)
- Uncle David's birthday
- Our annual trip to family camp

Really, I don't have enough on my plate. (ha!) In an effort to put myself completely over the edge (why not, right?), I have decided to blog everyday. My blogging has gone decidedly downhill since I started my job in January, and that pisses me off. I miss the writing. I miss my readers. I miss being a blogger who blogs all of the time. And, as my husband is fond of saying, "A writer writes."

See you tomorrow!


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