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Thursday, May 17, 2007

Grilled Lamb Chop, Greek Salad

  Grilled Lamb Chop, Greek Salad 
  Originally uploaded by Foodmomiac.

Finally, a nice home-cooked meal. It was almost like a dream sequence to be cooking in my kitchen. It has just been so long.

BUT, since Max was home sick, I took him to Costco after his nap (b/c chasing around a sick, rambunctious toddler through my cluttered apartment is just a nightmare) for some supplies. Top of my list was Ketel One Vodka. As we were getting ready to go, I said, "Let's go Max! Mommy needs to get some vodka."

Now, let me say that Max is not a talker. Well, he talks, but honestly, we have no clue what the hell he is saying most of the time. Everything sounds like "hota!" But, now you can add "vodka" to his vocabulary. I guess he liked the sound of it. A we walked through Costco, other shoppers were treated to my toddler yelling, "vah ka!, vah ka!" Good mothering, I tell ya.

Anyway, we bought lamb chops. I always buy lamb at Costco, because it always looks tasty. And, Amy Fanning (who just had her second baby - congrats!) sent me a fabulous lamb marinade a while back that is foolproof. Even when you TOTALLY mess around with the recipe like I did. Here you go (with my alterations in bold):


4 cloves garlic, minced
2/3 cup lemon juice
1/3 cup dry vermouth
1 tbsp. rosemary (I used dill, b/c I like making it Greek style)
1 tsp. salt
1 tsp. black pepper
1/4 cup olive oil
1/4 cup Worcestershire sauce (I used soy sauce, b/c I am allergic to anchovies, one of the main ingredients of Worcestershire)
2/3 cup dijon mustard

1 4-6 lb. leg of lamb (we like the boneless one at Costco, fat removed) (ha! I used chops, but I've also done this with the leg, and it was terrific)

Combine ingredients for marinade and mix well.  Place lamb in the marinade for 24 hours in the fridge, turning every couple hours (except when you are asleep!). (OK, I marinated the chops for 1/2 hour, and they were still incredibly flavorful, so if you don't plan ahead, don't worry.)

Place butterflied leg of lamb on grill over medium heat.  Sprinkle rosemary on coals for extra flavor.  Cook lamb for 20 minutes on each side, brushing with marinade as you go.   (With the chops, I think we cooked for 10 minutes total.) Remove from grill and let rest – cut into thin slices.  Serves 6-8.


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