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Thursday, May 24, 2007

Greediness in the Kitchen

IcecreamA few years ago, I had a problem. If I wanted something for my kitchen, I'd find a way to get it. My cookbook collection grew exponentially, and for every gift occasion, I'd add a small appliance. I got my dream blender, a mandoline (that I'm still afraid to use), a pasta maker, a meat grinder, multiple Le Creusets, a fondue set and a spaetzle maker. This would have continued on indefinitely, but we embarked on a VERY LONG house selling odyssey, so I had to stop adding items to my kitchen.

We finally sold the house, but for the past nine months, we've been in a small(ish) apartment, and I just haven't had room for STUFF.

But now, we are preparing to move to our new house, and I'm just salivating at the small appliances I can now start requesting (I have a hard time buying these things for myself. It's stupid.).

On my wish list:

- The KitchenAid ice cream making attachment (pictured above)
- A new Lean Mean Grilling Machine (the drunk nanny borrowed ours and never returned it, and I love using it for paninis)
- A rectangular roasting pan with high handles (like this one)
- A V-Rack for roasting
- A Silpat baking sheet
- Silicone oven mitts that go higher on my arm than the ones I currently own
- Lots and lots of pretty flour sack towels
- A milk frother (I lost ours)
- A small nonstick skillet (we have a giant one that fits about 6 eggs - overkill!)

I think I'll stop now, because Michael just told me that I'm obscene. :-)


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