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Monday, April 30, 2007

Big News, Random Thoughts

So much is going on these days that I think doing anything other than a bulleted list will be overwhelming. In no particular order:

American Idol: Dylan is absolutely obsessed with AI. She and her friend Emilia talk about nothing else. (She is a Jordin fan, if you are wondering.) Last week, during the American Idol Gives Back episodes, she was a total wreck, though. The kid was crying for over an hour, watching the footage of poor children in Africa and the U.S. We donated money online (she clicked the mouse button), and decided that we'd find some volunteer opportunities for our family this summer.

Twitter: Have you guys noticed the Twitter badge on the right side of the page? I frequently Twitter from my BlackBerry, so even when I'm not posting often here, you can see little snippets of my life (and meals) on my Twitter badge. If you are REALLY interested, join Twitter yourself and follow (subscribe to) my Twitters. You can get them online or on your phone.

San Diego: We go this Saturday! My brother lives there, and is letting us all stay at his house. I can't wait to sit on the beach all day long with a trashy novel. CAN'T WAIT.

Frozen Dinners for Max: I think I want to make some single serving dinners for Max to keep in the freezer. He goes to sleep at 7, so it is sometimes difficult to feed him the same dinner that we are eating, because it's not ready until close to 7. Tonight he had canned soup, which I really don't love doing. I want to freeze portions of chili, homemade soup, meatballs, etc.

House: Hey, did I mention we're buying a house? I'm very excited! Here is a picture:


I think we will be closing on June 15th, which means I need to start packing! I am also freaking out over paint colors, because I will have maybe two days to get a painter in there before we need to move. I want to make the bedroom white, soft blue and brown. I am inspired by this gorgeous wall that my friend Arno just designed for our office brainstorming space:


How amazing is that? The wall you can't see, on the left side, is all dark brown suede (suede paint, not real leather). In the family room and eat-in kitchen, I'd like to do this color with white to make it pop. And I found this really cool indoor picnic table from Pottery Barn that I love. So, any ideas on how to make all of that happen in two days? :-)


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