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Wednesday, March 28, 2007

The unbloggable

I have no food to blog about. I was totally felled yesterday by a killer stomach thing that was either food poisoning from a crappy new restaurant in our neighborhood or some rogue stomach virus that attacked only me and no one else I know.

But anyway, I read this today, commented, and then realized that it was kind of crazy for me not to have blogged about what has gone on with us lately. So, even though Michael has advised me against it, here goes.

Three Saturdays ago, we came home from an evening out to find our babysitter sleeping in the living room. This is our nanny - the one who has watched Max every day for the past six months. We woke her up, and said, "Wow, sorry we are so late. You must be tired."

Her response? "Oh, no! I had three vodka tonics and then fell asleep."

I guess my shock and dismay registered on my face, but she thought it was because I was possessive of my precious Ketel One (which I am). So, what did she say next?

"Oh, I brought my own Skye Vodka."

I was too shocked to do anything at that point, so I walked her out and then slowly came inside. I threw out the empty liter bottle of tonic that she left on my kitchen table. And then I started to figure out what the hell I would do.

On Sunday, I called our substitute nanny (who channels Mary Poppins, I swear), and confirmed that she was available for the remainder of March. Monday morning, I fired the drunk nanny. She was shocked. SHOCKED!

The new nanny has been great, but, alas, she starts a new job on Monday. Once she leaves, though, Max will start toddler school! I am very excited. The ratio is 2 to 1, so it will be very close to being at home. In fact, it is at a home - the bottom floor of a triplex. Dylan will still be at her school, but she will be sharing an afternoon babysitter with her friend Ruby. They are both thrilled.

What else... Today was a huge day. I registered my baby girl for kindergarten! She is going to a Chicago public school. It's a fine arts magnet, which is just perfect for my little drama queen. I couldn't stop tearing up as I took the tour today and then submitted all of her registration forms. The school goes through 8th grade, so this is a big deal.


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