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Sunday, February 25, 2007

The cooking helps...

Things that my poor dog has gone through since we moved to Chicago:
- urinary tract infection, causing her to pee in her crate
- slab fracture on her molar, resulting in surgery to remove the tooth
- bitten by neighborhood dog on our front steps
- increased separation anxiety causing her to pee in her crate every time we leave, even if just for an hour (we tried leaving her loose in the house and received a note from our downstairs neighbors that she barks and cries nonstop)
- hematoma on her ear, caused by shaking her head and smacking her ear against my leg. Surgery was required, and a drain was placed in her ear for three weeks
- massive infection at the surgical site
- drain is removed this past Monday. a new hematoma appears on Friday. Surgery was required. This time a punch biopsy was performed - a hole cut into her ear instead of a drain.
- yesterday, she began vomiting and having explosive diarrhea at about 4pm. This continued all night.
- poor Friday is now at the emergency vet. her stomach is filled with gas and they are watching her closely. she may have an obstruction. they are not quite sure what's wrong.

I spent two hours at the emergency vet. During that time, I saw two couples leave the facility in tears, having just said goodbye to their pets for the last time. What a horrible experience.

When I finally came home, I started cooking. Mario's Ragu Bolognese, homemade lasagne (made with the ragu), three 1 pound meatloafs (all placed into the freezer), Mark Bittman's pork tenderloin and some delicious mashed potatoes.

I'm feeling a little more calm, but still pretty distraught. I can't believe what the poor girl has been through since we moved, and I am sad thinking of her at the emergency vet all by herself. 


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